Harvey Thompson
with Hiroshi Tanaka Trio Transition

Hiroshi Tanaka (Piano, Rhodes)
Brent Nussey (Double Bass, Electric Bass)
Gene Jackson (Drums)
Harvey Thompson (Vocal)

Special Guest :
Andy Wulf (Tenor Sax, Flute)
Aya Takazawa (Trumpet)

Produced by Harvey Thompson & Hiroshi Tanaka
Rhythm Arrangements by Hiroshi Tanaka & Harvey Thompson
Horn Arrangements by Hiroshi Tanaka
※Horn Arrangement for“Nature Boy”by Mike Price & Hiroshi Tanaka

Recorded Live Session at KEYSTONE CLUB 東京 in Tokyo, Japan on May 26th  2017

Associate Producer : Kiyoshi Teranishi
Executive Producers: Eiji Yamanaka, Hiroshi Tanaka & Harvey Thompson

Recorded & Mixed by Koki Kosaki (LiMu Create)
Mastered by Gene Paul at G&J Audio (New York)
Mastering Advised by Nori Shiota
Piano Tuning by Katsuji Hirayama
Photography by Hiroshi Shoji
Art Work Designed by Remi Bray Design Studio

Hiroshi Tanaka Plays STEINWAY Grand Piano
Special Thanks to my family , Pulsebeat.TV ( Greg Dunmore & Joel Boyken ), Eiji-san, you’re the GREATEST!!!!

This CD is dedicated to the late great Margaret Massie (I Love You Madly)

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